Monday, January 04, 2010

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

I found an article on puffy eyes on this interesting website Eye Cream Review, which contains lots of information and useful products on Eye Cream

The article is called Puffy eyes why does this happen

The article states the main causes of puffy eyes

There are several causes of puffy eyes, which we’ll list in no particular order…

  • Crying can cause puffy eyes, as the skin around and under the eyes swells and more blood travels through this area.
  • Stress is a MAJOR cause of puffy eyes.
  • Fluid retention.
  • Allergies (seasonal impact).
  • Hormonal changes. This happens in both the teenage years and after about age 30 in both men and women.
  • Excessive alcohol intake
but also includes lots of treatments for it but not just trying to sell you it's products

The website is quite interesting as well as trying to sell you eye treatments

When looking at the the website - Eye Cream Review, I thought it was talking about some kind of new product from apple, the new iPod or Eyepod if you will.

Looking at the site it does seem to have a won a few awards but some of the names of the products did make me chuckle.

Products like

Oro Gold Deep Wrinkle Penetration Kit

Oro Gold Cosmetics Deep Peeling

Oro Gold Cosmetics Facial Cleanser

Oro Gold Cosmetics Detoxifying Thermal Mask

This one is my favourite

Oro Gold Facial Expression Bionic Complex Serum

Even the description of the website is admits the name is possibly a bit extreme.

“The name alone, lets you know just how involved a product this is. The Oro Gold Facial Expression Bionic Complex - Night Formula Muscle Contraction Relief. That is quite a mouthful, but the results it provides will leave you speechless. This Night Formula Muscle Contraction Relief is the most inventive and advanced anti wrinkle treatment in the industry. It approaches the removal of the deep set, stubborn wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Whether you are trying to eliminate forehead wrinkles, crows feet or lines around the mouth, this Facial Expression Bionic Complex is the serum you have been waiting for.

This complicated serum is designed to be applied at night. It penetrates the skin, deep into the muscle tissue. A unique blend of Argireline, 24K gold and Vitamins E & C deeply relaxes the muscle tension and contractions that occur during the night, thereby reducing the appearance of expression lines.”

The site also has some articles which sound rude but are not, like the Two Minute Winkle Drill Review, it seems to include all the words for a rude statement but yet doesn't