Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Penis Jewelry

Well we all need Jewelry for that special occasion but what about jewelry for the special part of you.

Are you confused, not sure what I am talking about. I’m talking about Jewelry for the penis, oh yes indeed sir. You might be worried that the penis and yours in particular is a bit of an ugly little fella, with his purple veins popping out, shiny helmet and foreskin flapping about, not to mention the two hairy eggs swaying below it.

So if ladies laugh or cry when you whip out your penis, you need to improve you penis presentation and what better than to put on some penis jewelry, imagine the surprised look on your lovers face when she see’s you penis has Gull Wing Penis Pendant scrotum chain! Before you know it you will be fighting her off, probably to so there isn’t any ripping accidents but anything which attracts women to your penis has to be good.

I was thinking of a good advert - Getting Jewelry for your penis, isn't as hard as you think

It’s the perfect Christmas, Birthday, anniversary or stag do present and you can buy some here

Penis Jewelry

The description of the Jewelry even sounds great

Unique stunning gold and silver penis jewelry by Sylvie Monthule. Erotic body ornament and collectors' items at the US source for this artist:

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r4nintendods said...

I did some shopping, and I cannot believe this deal! I can't say enough about jewelry. Definitely worth the investment.