Tuesday, September 08, 2009

clothed man sparks riot at a nudest colony

This is a funny story about a man who starts causing trouble at a nudest colony because he refuses to take his clothes off and then some of the women try to make him take his clothes. woohooo that's the spirit ladies

This is a clip from the very funny comedy podcast Hosks Half Hour-http://hoskshalfhour.blogspot.com, if you like the clip below then listen to a whole show


Brilliant podcast is the brain birth of the Hosk, an Internet Enigma who is obsessed with putting the word Hosk into as many things as possible, he is also the inventor of theHoskcast, like a podcast but funnier. It is a comedy podcast featuring amusing news, stand up and observations, twisted ambient music with odd stories. It has morale dilemmas and an obsession of reading Sun Stories, Stories from the Hosk and random thoughts which fart out of his brain.


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