Friday, August 29, 2008

funny song - do girls look at their minges?

a funny song taken from the funny podcast Hosks Half Hour -

the song is called do girls look at their little minges

enjoy and you should have a listen to Hosks Half Hour if you like laughing, swearing, funny news stories, stand up and anything that makes you laugh.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

brilliant free ambient songs

The Hoskinator has been making some ambient songs. Hoskinator has been dabbling in a bit of singing with mixed results but the background noise is quite good, it's very relaxing to work to as it is quite a big, wall of sound.

You can freely download and listen to them on his myspace page

or you can download the mp3 them directly from here and it's all legal because he put them up there himself.

Olympic Comedy

Here on Hosks Half Hour episode 46 you have a load of Olympic comedy bring to mind the great heros of the past like Geoff Capes, Fatima Whitbread and all the others that tried hard but rarely actually won any medals

Hosks Half Hour is the funniest podcast on the internet, so listen to it now