Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny Swearathon

This podcast has a swearathon right at the start which is bloody funny I was pissing myself laughing

It's impossible not laugh and the rest of the podcast is bloody funny as well

here is the contents

Drunken Philosopher - samples some real ale
Business man - the apprentice
Gary Barlow - bloody aliens
Geoff Lockerby - has trouble buying an ice cream

News Nuggets
Councils ban brainstorming
teaching 4 year olds about sex

Hosk Stand up
pulling standards on holiday at new all time low
a swearathon

Hosk Stories
Hosk fights one armed man
nickleback song sucks arse man
Patrick Swayze trucker film!!!
fucking gang a swans waiting for me

Hosk fact
curley wurley on naked breast

Sun stories
women can't understand how she had sex

brilliant spam arriving in Hosk's inbox this week

muck ups
a lengthy muck ups this week