Friday, April 25, 2008

Funny Mike Strutter clips

I was talking about Mike Strutter down the pub today and it inspired me to look for some of his funny shit so here they are are

Strutter gear

Strutter - Sexcalade

Original Strutter

Self Defence with Paul Kaye

Mike Strutter Guide To London

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Ever suffered a cheese headache?

A new episode of Hosks Half Hour is released into the wild and it's a corker, check it out

Colonal Filth – do you have the time?
Hosk interview Hosk – What is Truth
Unexpected news – President Bush meets the Pope
Bernard Hoskoshky – Lodz is a wet dream
Bernard Hoskoshky – Big Brother comes to Poland

Hosk story
Kids have wheelie trainers
Hosk gets told off for smiling!!
What would you do if the world was about to end?
What’s cheesier than cheese?
Hosk Story – Girlfriend was out buying a new car.

Stand up
Swearing in films
Sun letters – boyfriend fancies J-Lo more than me
Sun Txts – should I turn gay to ease my pain
Skinny Jeans – I’m heading for a fashion explosion

Film idea

News nugget
Camera aids memory loss fight
Phoney ear gets away with phoning and driving
Jo Guest stomach mysteriously gets bigger, but what’s the cause?

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Funny Podcasts

As I have been recording my funny podcast which I like to call a hoskcast. The podcast is called Hosks Half Hour - which I think is the funniest podcast on the internet, so check it out.

If you have listened to all the episodes and you still want some other funny podcasts to listen to then I was recommend these podcasts

Ricky Gervais XFM podcasts
This podcasts were before Ricky became famous from the office (I think) and are really funny. Have of it is just Ricky's high pitched laugh but the parts from Karl Pilkington are great.

Russell Brand Podcast

This is a little bit hit and miss but it's still funny.

The Onion
the famous satirist website

The Adam and Joe podcast
this is pretty funny

Hosks Half Hour
Just in case you forget

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 30 - The Queen tricks Tony Blair

It’s Friday which means its Hosk Half Hour day. It’s full of bonkers sketches this week


Geoff Lockerby is up the toon - don't mother him
Morrisey is out doing a brass rubbing and gets a paper cut
Benard Hoskoshky – The first day of the lunar month
Benard Hoskoshky – I only want one juicy green cabbage
Gary Barlow – What's his favourite colour
Unexpected news - The Queen tricks Tony Blair
Colonel Filth - do you know where Clifford Road is?
Iggy Pop - likes saying the cities ripped back side

Stand up
This is how Gyms should advertise and stop changing adverts
sun letters - how do I become Jason Donovan stylist
Britain's got Talent

Hosk Stories
Mav and Goose and no Robot Dancing
it's horrible seeing couples in Ann Summers
Chess players are nerds, FACT!
CUCK - a new swear word you can say in schools
national traffic news is pointless

News Nuggets
man with no hands caught driving lorry!
burglar is dead stupid

Mucks ups and pub talk

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hosks Half Hour - Funny Adventures in New York City

here are the two parts of the brilliant and funny audio tour of New York City done by the Hosk

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 28 - Adventures in New York City Part 1

This is Hosking's log for cultural learnings of Birmingham and my recent adventure to New York City, so what did the Hosk make of New York

Leaving the office - what a feeling
The packing for the holiday - the pain
The plane Journey

Day 1 - In New York
Taxi in New York - don't get conned
Pancakes for breakfast?
People will tell you New York is Cold
PANIC - The straightener's almost didn't work
The Ellis island queue is too big, it's beaten me
ground zero - where is it?
They build em big in Manhatten
The Meat Packing District
New York is known as the big apple
How do you know you are near China Town?
American Money - it all looks the same

Day 2
Visited the Natural History museum
Tourist's gather round a tree stump
where are the super fatties
Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse

day 3
Jacqui's nemesis appears - Mr Egg
Hosk finally makes it to The Statue of Liberty
Nerd Ranger

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 29 - Adventures in New York City Part 2

The continuing adventures of Hosk in New York, today he is mostly going to Ellis Island, a broadway show and walking around Central Park having a competition with himself, and musing on New York and Americans.

day 3
Hosk walks the immigration path to Ellis Island
Scary women giving tour of Ellis Island
gave the Statue of Liberty a little wave
We venture to a broadway show, well off broadway
Some life Broadway clips
Food is everywhere in New York
Americans look on life as a toilet half full
Hear Times Square at night, hear the noisy animals
New York is a big grid
A Live robbing

Day 4
Hosk is in Macy's shopping!
Hosk reads a poem about New York
Hosk is still in Macy's
Hosk is on a mission to visit the guggenheim
Alice In wonderland statue
some music in the park
Joggers lane in central park
Guggenheim is being restored!!!!
Hosk's History's - History to buy
The cheeky horn of the New York Taxi Driver
American caricature's are too nice
Anyone for a Meatseat
Hosk gets sat next to crazy talkative 83 year old Hilda for 8 hours

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 27 - Tramps and Blue Nuns

Here is another brilliant episode of Hosks Half Hour the funniest podcast on the whole of the web and beyond

it features

Howdy partners, The Hosk is back from his holidays and you will be hearing of my travels in Hosk travel log sometime in the future but today we are going back to basics with a standard Hosk Half Hour with some of your favourite characters and Hosk talking rude nonsense. This episode includes.

Business man – womb room
Benard Hoskoshky – Hello
Benard Hoskoshky – thank you trick
Gary Barlow – donuts
Drunken Philosopher – Tramp and the blue nun

News nuggets
Government bans jumbo pets
Bear convicted for theft
Local news – man find chicken nugget resembling a dog

X factor
Sun letters – girlfriend seen in porn video
Pump me harder
Acting ugly shouldn’t win Oscars

Hosk Stories
Dog is the aim in life
Rusty water
Shouting at the heavens

Muck ups

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour