Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girl playing video games and farting

This video of a girl farting has been viewing from over half a million people. I am not really sure why everyone is so interested. The comments are pretty strange as well, with everyone saying they would love to see this girl because she farts.

So if you like to watch girls farting then this is the video for you

Girl Farting

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

David Blaine Street magic part 5

this is a david blaine parody, it makes me laugh, its the looking at the camera and the daft staff that really gets me

David Blaine Street magic part 5

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Flaming sambuca face

I have never totally understood why you would want to drink a flaming drink but this is definitly one reason why you might politly turn down an offer.

I particularly like the way the person keeps and filming and then they are laughing and then the final bit seeing the bloke in hospital

Flaming sambuca face

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 24 - Farting Theory Explained

Two more laughter packed episodes for your pleasure

Hosks Half Hour - Farting Theory Explained

this episode contains

Mark E Smiths has problems buying a sherbet dib Dab.
The Drunken Philosopher gets chucked out of the pub
The 42 inch TV sketch
The Doctor Depression sketch

Hosk Stories
Extra tomato's for the man who doesn't like tomato's
Why is Hosks girlfriend called Madame Whiplash
Willie Thorne visits Hosks work and a bit of history about Mr Maximum. Also Willie Thorne is rhyming slag for something!!!!

Hosk Standup
The Fart Theory explained

New Nuggets
Spacewalks sound to easy
104 sprinter sets new world record
The worlds longest ear hair

Lets bring back the insult Knob cheese, call someone a knob cheese today
Mucks ups
The finale is pub talk

Episode 25 - Frankenstein fruits and broccoli pills

This week Hosk attempts to make driving to Bradford funny, a stern test for anyone. There are numerous audio parts of Hosks exciting journey from poems to songs to describing the random thoughts biting Hosks brain

Morrissey – how the smiths wrote girlfriend in coma
Business man – his son wants some money to buy a skateboard
Fat kid – Jamie Oliver stops unhealthy food
Hosk interviews Hosk – why do you say penis so much?

Hosk Standup
Footballers heaping praise, lets do the same, start heaping you mothers
The budget is rubbish
The house of commons is full of cows

News Nugget
Man bets 2 million at William Hill and then tries to sue them for letting
News nugget – wrong number leads to engaged tone
Scientists – Frankenstein fruits and how much do you love your country
News nugget – farting man gets blown over

The Journey log
A song
The tom tom game
Bears on the left
A poem dedicated to northerners
Do northerners have satellites?
The muntaz head quarters!

I hope you enjoy them and become a regular listener


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Video - Square Dance in Japan

videos of Japanese people always tend to be weird but that's because they are usually on some kind of insane game show. This one shows them relaxing and have a nice little square dance and its just as bloody weird.

Square Dance in Japan

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Mighty Boosh - Old gregg deleted scene

Here is a great clip from the Mighty Boosh, with a deleted scene talking about old Gregg.

This scene takes me back to when the Mighty boosh where mighty good, the first and second series was a lot better than their hit and miss new series, although I did enjoy the new series it wasn't as good as this. Have a look.

Old gregg deleted scene

Funny comedy podcast - Hosks Half Hour

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 22 - The most cringe worthy audio ever part 2

Here is the Hosks Half Hour, live from the local pub. This episode is excellent for is embarrassing and cringe worthy moments.

Its a mixture of booze and some people who have been out for a while and Hosk talking rude and asking ridiculous questions.

The highlight is getting chucked back into the pub for singing ICE ICE BABY. An explanation of Docking. A discussion about growlers and how to spot one from 20 paces. Hosk dons a man bag but this doesn't mean I darn my own socks. We also learn what a womens bow ties things are but I have forgotten but if you want to know listen to the podcast.