Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Comedy and laughing at Santa's bulging sack

The weeks episode of the humour packed funny podcast - Hosks Half Hour is released and it's time to get in the mood for Christmas.

I know you have been fighting it so far but it's now time to get some of the Christmas feeling in you and what better way to start than listening to the first of the Christmas episodes on Hosks Half Hour

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 54 - Christmas Comedy and laughing at Santa's bulging sack

The contents of the episode are

Xmas Warnings
jealous of the box
don't go shopping after a pint on xmas eve
don't believe her when she says don't spend much

What Christmas is
don't make a snowmen make a snow....
reith lectures
Cliff Richard is Mr Xmas

Christmas Standup
people becoming eating machines
santa is watching you
Christmas to xmas
poor person has his birthday on Xmas
xmas sounds like a fungal disease

Xmas stories
Hosks dad versus the icicle

Xmas thoughts
I hate wrapping presents
Chickens versus turkeys
the Xmas Film

Xmas stuff
The worst Christmas presents ever given

Business man - xmas party
Fat kid - mums got funny head

Don't forget there are plenty of other non Xmas related episodes also available at Hosks Half Hour

Merry Hoskmas

Friday, December 05, 2008

Laughing in the face of Armageddon

This week Hosks Half Hour, which is Episode 52 - Laughing in the face of Armageddon

It is will have you laughing like a drain utilising the power of laughter of other people and turning it on you like a laser beam on a bond film

here is the contents of this weeks funny episode of the comedy podcast Hosks Half Hour

I have mixed laughing internet clips with funny Hosk stuff and some toilet humour.

my favourite clips are Armageddon, which is a story to put you off felching if you were weren't already and then we have someone trying to conduct an interview with ridiculously squeaky voiced man

Hosk Stories
I made a new naughty word

Hosk Fact
Penguins can jump six feet

Hosk Standup
the English language
hosk toilet airfreshner
what does pulling your finger out mean?

laughing clips
legover, boggy marsh and the Charlotte Green Today Show March 28 2008 are brought back because I wanted to the hear them again
Armageddon - odd hamster felching thing
squeaky voice man - this is brilliant very very funny
A weather women who bursts into laughter

other bits
a laughing montage collection, very funny

Mucks up

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Demise of Woolworths - you should laugh but you do

Here is some comedy from the funny comedy podcast Hosks Half Hour so if you like the clip which you can listen to here

then you should try listening to the whole episode it features lots of laughing, literally clips of people laughing whilst trying to read the news, commentate on cricket and other serious moments when you really shouldn't be laughing but can't help yourself

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 52 - Warning Laughter contained inside

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 52 - the laughing episode

Episode 52 of Hosks Half Hour the funny podcast for comedy lovers everywhere

So in this weeks podcast we have lots of clips of people trying to do something serious like read the news and then laughing and then not being able to stop laughing

Hosk Stories
etc tomatos in my sandwich
Hosk falls asleep whilst watching Rocky six

Hosk Standup
Hosk interview Hosk over penis talk
cybersex the worst of all the versions of sex

Hosk odds and sods
gummi bears
clare distored singing
muffin top
feckingham way

News Nuggets
fat bread
woolworths is closing
the terror attacks in india
moustaches are making a comeback!

Laughing clips
Legover - cricket commentators
Charlotte Green Today Show March 28 2008
news women cant speak without laughing
The Hosk laughing
boggy marsh
News reporter gets a laughing attack